What to Bring to Your Photo Shoot
Each shoot will likely need different items brought along by the model/client. Here are some general things I suggest to optimize your experience.
  • We will have music available for your shoot but your music is always welcome. 

  • If we are shooting in a outdoor location, comfortable shoes to walk in are highly recommended. We may be walking through grass or dirt and you do not want to get your fancy shoes dirty.

  • Drinking water 

  • Make-up depends on the type of shoot you are doing and if you have a Make-up artist along on your shoot.  A foundation is recommended for faces, scares, underarms, and any other place you want to blend. 

  • If you are wearing make-up on the shoot that does not include a make-up artist, then lets talk about what would work well for the shoot using what you have. 

  • Lotion, body oil and other skin treatments. 

* Try not to bring make-up or lotion with glitter or sparkles in it unless look you are going for needs it. It tends to not spread evenly and often look like "noise" in the images. We will recommend other things if you want a glitter look in your photos.
Props help tell the story of the image and add character. Here are some examples, but we will make further suggestions based on the look you are going for.
  • Jewelry

  • Perfume bottles

  • Flowers,

  • Vintage items

  • and almost anything you can conjure up will to help bring the photos to life. 


To see information on how to Prep for a shoot go HERE